Mercato PSG: why Mbappé wouldn't want to sign for Real Madrid this summer

23/06/23 16:13 by Fabien Borne

According to Marca, Kylian Mbappé intends to join Real Madrid for free in a year's time in order to negotiate a lucrative signing bonus with the Spanish club, while still receiving his imposing Parisian salary by then, as well as various bonuses negotiated last year.

The Mbappé soap opera is in full swing in Spain, and the popular TV show El Chiringuito has begun to report on it nightly. In France, the PSG Community website has reported in the last few hours that an agreement has been reached between PSG and Real Madrid for the transfer of Mbappé this summer. The deal was announced at €200m - €50m in bonuses - but has not yet been confirmed by any of the major French or Spanish media.

In an article published this Friday, RMC Sport asserts that PSG are still determined to sell Kylian Mbappé this summer, unless he agrees to extend his contract. But contrary to yesterday's PSG Community report, RMC insists that PSG did not ask Mbappé to extend his contract before training resumed, on pain of being transferred. PSG are determined to earn their respect, but have not set any ultimatums in terms of timing.

Mbappé prefers to sign for Real Madrid...

In Spain, Marca takes a close look at the case on Friday and explains why it's more complicated than it looks. According to the Spanish daily, Mbappé's plan is to sign free at Real Madrid so that he can collect a juicy signing bonus of between €100 and €125 million, while continuing to receive his Parisian salary next season, estimated at €72 million gross.

Last year, Le Parisien revealed that Mbappé had also negotiated two juicy bonuses with PSG at the time of his extension. A signing bonus estimated at €180m gross and paid in three instalments, whether or not he completes his contract, as well as a loyalty bonus which he will receive at the end of each summer mercato if he is still in Paris. Last September, Mbappé would have received €70m gross. If he's still here in September 2023, he'll be due €80m gross. In 2024, the bonus would rise to 90 M€, but as he has decided not to activate his final optional year, he will receive nothing in September 2024.

... PSG forced to sell him on the cheap?

According to Marca, Mbappé has no intention of sitting on this year's loyalty bonus and has no particular interest in transferring to Real Madrid now. At least, from an economic point of view. Because if he is sold to Real Madrid this summer, the Spanish club will have to pay a large sum of money to satisfy PSG. Money that will go to PSG and not to Mbappé.

The Mbappé clan is reportedly trying to convince PSG to lower its demands regarding the transfer fee to be paid to Real Madrid, so that Real can then offer a handsome signing bonus to the Parisian No. 7. This is bound to annoy PSG, who have no intention of letting their player leave for free in a year's time, nor of selling him for a ridiculous sum this summer.

"But one thing seems clear: if there's anyone capable of unblocking this situation and ensuring that Mbappé can leave PSG without losing money and that PSG can sell him without feeling aggrieved, it's Faiza Lamary, one of the best negotiators in the soccer industry", reckons Marca, without ruling out one final, completely crazy scenario: "There's also another possibility: that this episode could end with Mbappé extending his contract with PSG. This may seem far-fetched, of course, and even more so when you consider the sense of disappointment and weariness towards their captain that the French club conveys. But between Mbappé and his mother, no possibility should be ruled out, no matter how extravagant."