Mercato: PSG departure, Real return... Hakimi's agent responds!

24/06/23 14:28 by Fabien Borne

In his lengthy interview with AS, Achraf Hakimi's agent not only paid tribute to Kylian Mbappé's mother. Alejandro Camaño also responded to rumors that the Moroccan was on the move and would return to Real Madrid.

Alejandro Camaño, Achraf Hakimi's agent, gave a wide-ranging interview to Madrid daily AS on Saturday, in which he <a href=/news/mercato-psg-hakimis-agent-warns-mbappes-mother> warned Kylian Mbappé's mother, who is rumored to want the Moroccan in her future players' agency.

After a very average 2022-2023 season in Paris, and accused of rape a few weeks ago, Achraf Hakimi would like to change air this summer according to certain reports in Spain and France. His agent responded to these rumors, without clearly closing the door on a departure.

"This is not the climate for peace of mind".

"Ashraf wants to be happy in a sporting project for the future, he's 24 and went to PSG with a lot of enthusiasm, there were other teams on him and we bet on PSG. The project was to reach more important milestones in the Champions League, but they haven't been reached and the project is destabilized. The sporting director, Luis Campos, has all my respect and confidence in the next project, we think they will rehabilitate him, and from there we'll see what the future holds for Ashraf. He has three years left on his contract and we want him to have peace of mind. What could happen? I don't know, at some point we'll have to sit down with PSG and rethink the situation, but we see what the club is doing... at the moment, they don't have a coach. This is not the climate for peace of mind. When PSG has a coach and communicates its project, we'll see. It's one of the best clubs in the world. We're waiting for things to stabilize and then we'll see," said Camaño.

Hakimi back at Real Madrid?

The Argentine agent was also asked about a possible return of Achraf Hakimi to Real Madrid. "Achraf left Madrid five years ago, but for the players trained there, Madrid is still their home. Somewhere in their hearts is Madrid, he was trained there since he was a child. But today we have to be in love with the project that pays him, and that's PSG. If Real want Achraf, logically we'll listen to him. If you ask him, you'll see that he's a Real fan, but our project now is PSG. He can talk about Real with his heart, but his colors are now those of PSG, who have made a big effort for him and who occupy 100% of his mind. If one day PSG no longer wants him, or if both parties want to change the course of the situation... then we'll sit down and work on it. We're part of the profession and we have to accept challenges. Sometimes things go wrong and you have to change course, but today it would be a mistake to think of Madrid. Great players always see Real as a goal, and many players would like to go there. Achraf has lived it, he's smelled the dressing room, he knows the club perfectly and he's been trained with its values, the ones the president talks about. But we want to be loyal to those who pushed for him."