PSG: Messi reflects on his "split" with the Paris fans

23/06/23 15:21 by Fabien Borne

In an interview with beIN Sports, Lionel Messi talked about his complicated relationship with PSG fans.

On Saturday, at 8.15pm, beIN Sports 2 will broadcast an interview with Lionel Messi filmed a few days ago. In the meantime, the Qatari channel has shared an extract from this interview with the Argentine world champion. In the interview, the future Inter Miami player talks about his complicated relationship with some of the Paris fans.

"There was a split with a good part of the Parisian public".

"In the beginning, it was great. I received a lot of encouragement, as I've often said. But then people started treating me differently, part of the Paris public. The majority treated me well, as they did at the start, but there was a break with a good part of the Parisian public," admitted the former PSG No.30, who was taken to task last year after the elimination against Real Madrid and more recently.

Nor did his unauthorized trip to Saudi Arabia help to bring him closer to PSG fans, who were generally disappointed by his time at the club: "Of course it wasn't my intention, far from it. But these are things that have happened before with Mbappé and Neymar. It's their way of doing things. But I remember all those people who respected me, just as I've respected everyone since I arrived. It' s nothing more than that, it's anecdotal," concluded Messi.