Official: Antonetti leaves Strasbourg

27/06/23 15:32 by Fabien Borne

Frédéric Antonetti arrived at Strasbourg last February with the aim of keeping the club in Ligue 1, an objective he validated, but he is no longer the Alsatian club's coach.

Just five days after being bought out by BlueCo, which also owns Chelsea, Strasbourg has made official the departure of its coach Frédéric Antonetti, who arrived on the Alsatian bench last February and will have fulfilled his mission of keeping the club in Ligue 1. The departure came "by mutual agreement", a year before the end of Antonetti's contract, which ran until June 2024.

"Frédéric had a mission and he fulfilled it perfectly. It's been a tough season, and we've given ourselves some time to breathe. He's done a great job and I'd like to thank him. We moved forward hand in hand, in a relationship of mutual trust and esteem. I have a lot of respect for Fred," Racing Chairman Marc Keller told the Alsatian club's website.

"A new cycle begins

Marc Keller went on to justify the departure of the 61-year-old Corsican coach: "A new cycle is starting, and I'm convinced it's better to end on this high note. We both agree on that. So I took the decision and informed the new shareholder, who endorsed it.

I arrived in Strasbourg last February to take up the challenge of keeping the club in Ligue 1," commented Frédéric Antonetti. It was an arduous task, but I firmly believed in the ability of this team and this club to pull through. With a lot of hard work, patience and self-sacrifice, all the driving forces behind Racing Club de Strasbourg Alsace were able to achieve this goal (...) I'm leaving with the feeling of having contributed to the long-term future of this prestigious club, something I'm very proud of!"