Mercato PSG: Hakimi's agent warns Mbappé's mother

24/06/23 13:54 by Fabien Borne

In a lengthy interview with Madrid daily AS, Achraf Hakimi's agent warned Kylian Mbappé's mother, who is setting up a player consultancy business, not to get too close to her Moroccan client...

On June 14, the Twitter account Sports Zone revealed that Kylian Mbappé's mother Fayza Lamari <a href=/news/mercato-psg-mbappes-mother-to-look-after-cherkis-interests>was to set up a players' agency to look after the interests of her two sons Kylian and Ethan, as well as Lyon's Rayan Cherki.

The report stated that Achraf Hakimi, who is very close to Kylian Mbappé, was also expected to join this structure, which was also reported by L'Equipe (without mentioning the arrival of the Moroccan right-back).

On Saturday, the Madrid daily AS interviewed Alejandro Camaño, head of Footfeel International Sports Management, the agency that represents Achraf Hakimi, Lautaro Martinez and Borja Mayoral. And the Argentinian was asked what he thought of rumors sending Hakimi to the future agency of Mbappé's mother.

"Being a player's mother is not enough"

"We're surprised that the mother of an important player could interfere in the market," Camaño replied. Ashraf is part of the Footfeel family, he's been a firm believer in the project for many years and he has a personal relationship with Kylian that we respect, and we like him for it. But the fact that Mbappé's environment, which is pretty dense, heavy, because of all the people around him, is leaking that Ashraf could be part of his agency is unusual because of his lack of experience on the market. Being the mother of a player is not enough, it seems to me a lack of respect for the profession, there are great agents who deal with a very tough and difficult market. We think it's a hoax, there's no chance of it happening. The French press, which the Mbappés control, is echoing it, but there's no chance of it happening."

"Fayza Lamari is a company that has nothing other than Kylian Mbappé"

Clearly tense on the subject, Alejandro Camaño then scratched Fayza Lamari: "Were we afraid that Ashraf would leave us? No, not at all. "Arri' has an affectionate and close relationship not only with me, but with all my colleagues. On Monday, we were with him to present the Achraf Hakimi Foundation in Morocco, which is the first for a sportsman with the support of the Ministry of Education and the King of Morocco. It's impossible, unthinkable. Fayza Lamari is a company that has nothing other than Kylian Mbappé, who is very important, but it's based on a relationship between a mother and her son, and we've seen on the market the relationships of parents who become representatives; its importance on the market is nil, it has no experience, no operations carried out, no market penetration. It's unthinkable that someone like Ashraf could have been susceptible to this."

"I demand respect for the profession"

As you can imagine, Alejandro Camaño is very upset. But has he made his resentment known to the principal concerned? "No, for us, Mbappé's mother... is Mbappé's mother. She's not an agent or a representation company that we can take into account. I work with other partners, but I don't consider that this mother-son relationship can influence him to be a professional on the pitch. I don't know any players under her representation apart from Kylian, who is a great responsibility, he's the best in the world at his position, but I have nothing to say to Fayza Lamari. I can say hello, pay my respects and congratulate her on the son she has. But nothing more. I wish her a long road in the world of agents, I hope she can get the best players, but I ask for respect for the profession, for those of us who have been in it for a few years. I wish her the best, but in Ashraf's case, it won't be possible."